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Throughout the site, you may click on any LIFE cover image to view the table of contents, ability to read and browse entire issue and pricing for that issue.

Follow theĀ  "Read More" link below for more details about searching for issues and topics.


Our site provides the ability to search by date, browse by year, browse by categories and browse by keywords.

Over the years we have gotten hundreds of request to "see if my "Uncle Johnny" was shown in a photo on Normandy beach sometime in 1945", or my Dad was mentioned in an article on beekeeping sometime around July 1958, or other similar request. Our only means of locating these was a page by page search and read, since no digitized means to search them existed.

Then, Google Books digitized all issues from 1936-1972 and made them available for page by page review and keyword searching for free. This facility allows you to find any issue that contains a specific name, topic  or other mention in print.

We have provided a link to the Google search page for each issue located on the detail page for each issue and labeled "Read Online". When clicked it will open a new browser page in Goggle to search the issue. Once you select one of our issues and are shown the detail page, there is a read online button that will link you to the Google book for that issue. There you can search the issue for anything or read it page by page if oyu desire.

Google Books also provides an ability to search all the issues from 1936-1972 with one search and it will identify the issues that include your search criteria. Click the like below to access this facility.

Search Life Magazine content on Google

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you find the issue you are seeking.

Please send us a note if you have questions or suggestions on how we might improve the site.

Do you have Life issues 1936-2000 for sale?

Since these magazines have been out of print for decades now, maintaining a complete inventory becomes more challenging.

We have been fortunate to identify private owners of Life magazine collections that have them in the attic, from estates, from the closet that has not been opened in years and from various other sources. We are active buyers for collections.

We only buy collections of at least 25 issues and then they must include a number of issues that we need to replenish our inventory.

Pricing is based on our cost of operations which includes storage space, internet advertising and labor all of which total more than the cost of the inventory. and the need for some profit.

We are happy to make you an offer for suitable magazines in bulk of 25 or more.

We do not buy single issues!

We do not purchase issues with torn or loose covers, missing pages or defaced covers or that have suffered water damage and are stained and have a heavy musky smell.

If you have a collection you would like us to consider, email service@oldlife.net with a list of issue dates and their condition. We will respond promptly.

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